WIP 3 The post is now complete complete using both pastel sticks and pencils. I firstly used a blue grey pastel stick in part and blended it in, drew in the black lines, some grey using pencils. covered the rest of the area using a mid green pastel stick; leaving the highlight areas blank. These area as you can see, being at the top of the post were drawn on using Pitt grey 230 and highlighted with white. The mark making on the surface of the green pastel stick was Derwent dark olive 520 pencil; drawn ln small squiggly lines weaving in with Pitt dark grey 175 overlaying the blue grey stick. 

Near the bottom Pitt 173 and black were used for shadow areas. The dark olive Derwent 520 was used in the high lit areas near the top.  and Conte 16 was used here and there to brighten up the image as a whole. 


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Sunday, May 17 2015



Not all pieces of work have been shown as a work in progress (WIP) as at some time I’m going to show how I do certain features in pastel, such as Eyes, and layering on my HOW TO page; along with a print off as to how to direct the flow of the pencil for ease. This is the list of pastels that were used to create Kitty.



275 green used in the fur 177 brown used in the fur 179 green used in the fur 174 green used in the fur 181 a dark grey used in fur/background 188 orange used in nose/eyes


burnt carmine 610 used in background/fur Saffron 050 used in fur/eyes Burnt ochre 600 used in fur Yellow ochre 580 used in fur/eyes Dandelion 060 used in fur/eyes

CONTE Emerald green 34 used in eyes Lemon yellow 47 used in fur/eyes

CARBOTHELLO Carbothello 520 orange used in nose/eyes

Black and white TIP Best colour to use for tabby coats is green

Friday, May 15 2015




DERWENT pencils 310 powder blue 580 burnt ochre 050 saffron 602 seal 610 burnt carmine

PITT 187 188 177 151 423 149

CONTE PENCILS 16 green and 07 rustic orange 47 lemon yellow

JAXELL STICKS 459 cobalt blue 174 green mars violet 283 brown 275 grey 325 burnt umber 447 phathlo blue black and white


This was a pretty large piece measuring just over 3ft by 2ft, so for my starting point I chose the swirling water on the left hand side. Pitt pastel pencils 151 in navy was the base colour. 149 a mid blue was then applied in a swirling motion to accentuate the flow of the water. To highlight the water I used Derwent 310 powder blue with occasional areas of white.

On the tiger the black stripes were put in first, then Pitt 187 was followed by 188: making sure to follow the direction of the flow of the fur. I then worked in the darker shades of orange Conte 07, topped off with Derwent 600 burnt ochre for highlights.

For the eye, I worked the whole circumference in Conte 47 lemon yellow apart from the white highlight. A circular effect of Conte 16 green was added around the pupil, leaving some of the lemon yellow visible. Pitt 174 was then used as depth over Conte 16 at the top of the eye. The pupil being black. Pitt 187 Derwent 600 burnt ochre 580 yellow ochre were used above the eye.

TIP; In small areas cotton buds I find are better than fingers; and keep the blended pastel cleaner.


TIP; If a main subject has been worked and the background needs painting in, I find it best to apply the pastel lighter nearer the subject and push the pastel toward the edge of the main subject using a cotton bud: this way the fur that extends beyond the body will stand out when drawn in.

I continued with the tiger making sure to follow the direction of the fur. Working the black stripes first. Then the white. The light orange going into dark then back into light.

The nose is a combination of Pitt 050 flesh Derwent 610 burnt carmine 600 burnt ochre 050 saffron for highlights Jaxell soft pink pastel.

Ochre’s were used in the white as were greys to accentuate depth with in the fur layers.

The nose was worked using pitt 187/188 conte 07 pitt 283, brown toward the bottom of the nose for shadow, using very ting line work. This was done first before the oranges were applied. Derwent 580 burnt ochre was applied across the entirety of the nose. From the eye going across sweeping up to the middle of the forehead, then from just underneath the eye, the pencil sweeps upward across the nose and then down toward the tip. Derwent 050 was used to highlight the area just at the point where it sweeps up toward the middle of the nose.

047 conte lemon yellow was used to highlight areas in the fur around the outer edge on the face. Pitt 275 was applied to the inner edging on the ear as well as Derwent 610; these were shaded together. Derwent 602 seal on the top of the ear for depth then white. The outer rim was Pitt 187/188


To complete the piece black was used in the deepest areas of the ripples in the water. Pitt 174 green along with Conte 16 was also used to highlight some of the reflections in the water; Derwent seal was used in the lower ripples to diffuse out the black.

The sapphire blue water at the forefront was applied with Jaxell super soft pastel sticks 423 ultra-marine 447 phathalo blue 459 cobalt blue with areas of white. The tiger’s reflection was Derwent 610 burnt carmine 050 saffron for highlights Pitt 325 mars violet and black.

Thursday, May 14 2015


Cottontail Rabbit

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Monday, May 11 2015